Art Advisory Services



Collection Consultant and Curatorial Services

For the novice and for experienced collector alike, we offer a full range of consulting services and complete collection development. We will assist, educate, and advise you, urging all clients to take time, learn and love what you buy. Our services include:

  • Introducing established and under valued artists, as well as emerging artists
  • Collection planning within a client’s budget, time frame, and aesthetic preferences
  • Dossiers on artworks and artists
  • Focused acquisitions
  • Pricing research
  • Coordination of conservation, framing, and/or installation needs

We encourage collectors who deeply love art and are not particularly interested in "collecting for a profit" as their primary goal.


Educational Services

Susan Todd-Raque is available for speaking engagements on any topic pertaining to photography, art, and/or collecting.

Our Photo Collect Club! is now open for membership but it is also now limited to 10 participants. Come join us for this exciting time to learn the basics of collecting, what work is selling despite economic downturns, what to avoid, and who is emerging in contemporary photography as well as going on visits to a few galleries in ATL and trips to other cities. The cost of this invaluable learning experience is $500 per person annual membership. Please email us if you are interested and want us to hold your place!

Also, please contact us so we can put you on our email list for future notifications.


Artist Career Consultations - NEW

Due to requests by artists, we now offer assistance to all artists working with photography. Available are professional critiques and career consultations, including portfolio development, marketing ideas, short term and long term strategies. Fees are on a sliding scale based upon income; in other words, we will work with you.


Appraisal Services

For insurance purposes only. Please contact us to arrange this service.






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